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Security in CCSD46 Schools

In light of the recent school shootings, I am sure that you wonder about the security in our buildings. I want to assure you that we take school safety and security very seriously and have been working on our plans prior to the Florida shootings in February.

While I cannot share the specific details of our district plans, I can provide you with a description of what we have in place. Last year, we had a security expert, Paul Timm of RETA Security, provide us with a safety audit of our buildings. We have made adjustments in our plans as suggested by Mr. Timm.

All of our staff have red safety binders that provide specific directions on what to do in a variety of situations, from snow storms to bus accidents, to intruders, bomb threats, etc. In addition, each staff member carries a crisis plan card with his/her ID badge for quick reference.

The building administrators also have a binder that includes the information regarding the types of potential crisis events as well as maps of each school, roles and responsibilities in a crisis, evacuation procedures, communication procedures, relocation and reunification plans, and building assets.

Each of our seven school buildings holds drills throughout the year. Within the last few weeks, we have met with the local authorities to discuss our plans. In addition, we will be developing plans for after school activities and will be scheduling another meeting with our local police and fire departments.

No one is ever totally prepared for a crisis, but please know that we have the safety and security of our students, your children, front and center! If you have any questions regarding our safety/security plans, please feel free to contact me.

Ellen Correll
Superintendent of Schools
Community Consolidated School District 46

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[posted 03/12/18]

Important Notice

National School Walkout

There is a national social media movement underway for students and staff to protest the most recent school violence by walking out of schools for seventeen minutes to represent one minute for every life lost in the Florida school tragedy. The first of these walk-outs is scheduled for Wed., Feb. 21, at noon. Other marches are being planned in March and April. This movement is gaining momentum at high schools across the country.

While our hearts and prayers go out to the victims and families of this senseless tragedy, all CCSD 46 students and staff will remain in school. We will not be participating in these events.

We remain concerned about our children's mental and physical safety. Elementary aged children are not equipped to fully process and understand such events and participation could possibly lead to an increased sense of fear and helplessness. Likewise, it would be impossible to supervise and adequately protect our students from potential harm. Our schools must remain safe, non-political and focused on learning.

For more information on how you can help your child with specific worries or concerns, please download the letter. English | Español

[posted 02/20/18]

APR 16
Board of Education Special Meeting
6:30 PM District Office

APR 17
Staff Recognition Event
4:00 PM Brae Loch Golf Club

Collage Concert
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7:00 PM Park Campus

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Assessment/Evaluation/Curriculum Committee Meeting
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D46 Talent Show
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APR 25
Diversity Committee Meeting
5:00 PM Park Campus

Board of Education Meeting
6:30 PM Grayslake Middle School
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APR 27
Early Release Day
AM Kindergarten Attends

D46 Community St. Baldrick's Fundraiser
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9:00 AM - 6:00 PM Grayslake Middle School

MAY 02
Diversity Committee Meeting
6:00 PM Park Campus

MAY 04
Preschool Screening
Prairieview School

MAY 08
Choral Concert
7:00 PM Frederick School

MAY 09
Late Start Day

Board of Education Meeting
6:30 PM Grayslake Middle School
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